• Health & Wellness Programme

    The Ebenezer Trust promotes health and wellness in partnership with Palm Springs Health and Wellness, a professional community wellness initiative. The programme offers home based care assistance and wellness promotion to persons affected or infected by HIV and Aids and other health related needs.

  • School Rejuvenation Programme

    We have adopted schools in suburbs around the church which struggle with security, maintenance and sanitation. The schools are low income generating schools, where school fees are virtually non-existent. We deploy maintenance and cleaning workers 3 days per week to assist the school to improve and aid the learning environment.

  • Homework Assistance for Children at Risk

    The Homework Assistance Programme support community schools where children from mostly grandparent and child-headed homes who are assisted with their homework. Trained unemployed women support teachers and care-givers. Children at Risk are assisted in a controlled environment to master homework challenges and projects.

  • Skills Development Programme

    The Skills Development Programme has partnered with a local training Provider and facility to enhance basic skills to community members, assisting them to become more employable and self-sustainable. The Programme offers, woodworking and joinery skills, welding skills, electrical wiring skills and community business activation skills.

  • Entrepreneurial Development

    In partnership with different stakeholders from Government to the business sector, we are able to create job opportunities for the unemployed. To date we have created 500 job opportunities. This is done through the church. By March 2011 we will be employing an added 1000 people to this project


For more information on how to get involved in serving the community with us, please contact us.